Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner

It was an Honor to host this dinner for our Law enforcement community. What a wonderful turn out we are already looking forward to next year.

Lodge Improvements

Have you noticed some changes in appearance of the parking lot and yard. Brother Steve Zetz has set his plan to work and we have begun the task of adding desertscape, curbingĀ  sod and gravel. You will notice in some of the pictures a squiggly white line. That is where the curbing is hoped to go and the curbing will be straighter than the lines I tried to draw.

Special Ladies and Widows dinner May 28th 2016


A special thank you to the women who make their men great


VWB Russ Campbell hard at work always ready to help the Brothers of Benton Lodge


Brother Fred entertaining a couple of our special ladies


Chicken Parmesan Linguini with Alfredo or Spaghetti with Marinara Bread sticks and a salad


WB Jay trying to decide what to try first


Dan Cass entertained us with great music through dinner


Behind Brother Fred you can see the future of Benton city Brother David Sandretto brought his children it is always a joy to hear the children visit the lodge.