Building and Parking Lot Rental

The Benton Temple Association has opened our facility to the community for rent.  The building has a meeting/dining room of 550 square feet (21 x 26 feet) with folding tables and chairs.  This area is perfect for baby showers, receptions, fundraisers, or just a place to hold any nonprofit public gathering.  If you would like to prepare food for your guests, you can add rental of an attached kitchen of 200 square feet (14 x 14 feet) with refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.  The rental of the dining room and kitchen come with the use of a large corner parking lot.  If you just need the parking lot that can be rented separately. To download a “print-friendly” version of this information Click Here.

Schedule of Fees

(Day = 7am-12pm, ½ day = 5 hours, rental periods include setup, take down and cleanup time)

Dining Room: Per Day $100 | Per 1/2 Day $60
Dining Room & Kitchen: Per Day $150 | Per 1/2 Day $90
Parking lot (only): Per Day $80 | Per 1/2 Day $50

(Parking for vehicles of participants in building activities is included in the building use rate)

A security deposit of $100.00 shall be paid in advance of a one-time rental.  These monies will be held by the owner and returned to the tenant upon completion of the rental, subject to payment of all rents due, return of the premises in the condition they were rented, and return of any keys issued.  The amount of the security deposit may be negotiable for a multi-date use of the facility.

** A signed rental agreement will be used for all rentals.

Conditions of Use

No smoking inside the building, nor is alcohol consumption allowed anywhere on the premises.  The property will not be rented to promote business activities or for “for profit” monitory gain.  Event activities (including setup or take-down) may not start before 7:00 am nor extend past 12:00 midnight.

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